Wednesday 2 September 2009

The Scottish FA - meddling self interest

One of our readers has kindly alerted me to some rather interesting information about the Scottish FA and their recent influence in all things UEFA related. As we know the Eduardo decision is a very strange one, it was a borderline dive for one thing, there was some contact and the Celtic keeper did make an uncontrolled lunge for the ball, so to see him banned for two games in the context of much worse dives routinely going completely unpunished is bizarre. Something smells fishy.

Interestingly the last time a player was banned for diving was way back in 2006 and the Scottish FA were heavily embroiled in this as well, what a coincidence. In fact the very same Gordon Smith was pushing for the player to be banned, Mikoluinas of Lithuania was the hunt victim that time. Lithuania were not happy with this punishment and in fact argued that Gary O'Connor should also have been banned for feigning injury in the same game, it appears double standards were applied yet again in the interests of serving the mighty Scottish FA.

The Scottish 'conspiracy' has also been touched upon by Arsene who has hinted that the Scottish FA's power in UEFA was largely the reason why Eduardo was charged for diving. The Scottish FA has also been rather key in the stupid resistance to goal line technology and the expansion of the European Championships to 24 teams. The Scottish FA seem to be out to represent themselves and they appear to have a bit too much power to affect the decision making apparatus in UEFA. How can they be so keen to ban someone in retrospect using video technology directly contradicting the referee's decision at the time, but also their policy is against the use of technology in sport because it takes the human element out of it? Selfish interest appears the name of their game to me.

Whatever the ins and out of the Scottish FA's role in all this malarkey, it is quite clear that politics have no place in these affairs, a disciplinary system should treat everybody the same, the club they play for, their nationality and the media exposure of events should not come into it. Even if takes that Eduardo did dive, there was no contact and it was complete 100% cheating, he should still not be charged because they need to treat everyone the same or charge no one. The video clip above shows one of Ronaldo's blatant dives, each one of these should not get a two match ban and it shouldn't matter where the dive takes place, whether in our outside the box. Any dive should now see a two match ban, wherever it occurs and whoever does the diving, this situation is clearly farcical as things currently stand.

There are clearly malignant things going on inside FIFA, UEFA and the FA, certain people have far too much influence and this is stifling progress for the game. The game of football will never move on into the 21st century unless these vested interests are taken on and crushed, for all of us who want fairness and consistency it appears there is a long way to go before the likes of Blatter, Platini and Smith will embrace proper reform and progress; these hypocritical cretins want an inconsistent system that can be manipulated as they see fit, they simply want to hang onto their own comfortable positions of power.


marcus said...

Excellent post and spot-on. It's simply a longstanding basic fact that the smaller football countries in Europe wield greater influence in UEFA than the likes of England, Spain, Italy, France, and so on. Without them Platini would not be UEFA president and he got their backing by promising to do all he can to make the CL and the Euros more accessible to them--and by catering to their priorities. This isn't being anti-Scottish, it's simply pointing out that by circumstance and the Scottish FA's own capable determination and organization (and the lack of same from the likes of England and Spain), over time they've established a strong influence in the organization. It's not true that the Scots "control" UEFA, I'm talking about a comparatively greater level of influence than, say, the English FA.

1979gooner said...


Blatter has done the same, ie got a lot of votes by pandering to small countries.

There is something inherently wrong with this system of voting.

Ted said...

I am clearly missing something here gents.

As I understand it, Marcus and 1979 are saying that the Scottish FA has a lot of control in influence in UEFA. It seems to also be suggested that this is a malign influence or has been obtained unfairly.

However, the article that 1979 links to regarding goal line technology, shows the minutes of a meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), whoever they may be, and clearly states that it was a board decision.

The board comprised representatives from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (who get one vote each) and Fifa (who get four). Now, whilst the minutes do not record the voting on each proposal, it does say that a proposal needs 6 votes out of 8 to be passed.

What that means is I don't see how Scotland could have exerted undue influence over the Board's decision. Scotland, by itself, could only persuade FIFA not to support the motion and thereby deprive it of obtaining 6 votes.

But unless can explain to me differently, I don't see why this takes us anywhere. It also has nothing to do with UEFA.

What is of some interest is that the Scottish FA did make a proposal to to IFAB regarding using video evidence to punish diving, which was also not approved by the Board. How then does this article show the influence that the Scottish FA shows?

Gentleman - so what if the Scottish FA is on a campaign to use video evidence to stop diving? How on earth can that be a bad thing?

I also really don't see how the expansion of the UEFA championship to 24 teams can be laid at the door of the scottish FA as being a bad thing, or their particular fault.

As I said yesterday, it is harsh on Eduardo that he is being made an example of, but that's life. The simple point is that Eduardo could have stayed on his feet, didn't do so, and is now facing a harsh punishment for his crimes.

But accusing UEFA, FIFA and the IFAB of being corrupt, which seems to be what 1979 is basically saying, on the basis of what was said yesterday by Marcus and 1979 is plain stupid.

1979 has often said that he wants to see better standards in the media. Well this piece of conspiracy theory nonsense is straight out of the gutter press.

For the record, i think someone asked a pretty straightforward question yesterday asking why the Scottish FA had so much influence in UEFA and received a flaming response from Marcus.

Perhaps you will be more courteous if I ask the question (maybe not) - does anyone know of any particular links between the Scottish FA and UEFA? Who are the political figures within UEFA who are apparently pandering to everything the Scottish FA says? As explained above, the Scottish FA do not rule these organisations - they must be influencing other voting members to back them - who?

Ted said...

p.s. UEFA is due to give its reasons for the Eduardo ban today. If those reasons are b.s. then I am sure Arsenal will appeal the decision.

you may even get some evidence in those reasons to support your campaign.

Anonymous said...

when you think of all the 'divers' who have been unpunished in the past, it's a joke that Eduardo has been picked on in this way. It really is a witch hunt! League/Arsenal

1979gooner said...

fair point Ted in some ways.

I have not reseached the goal line and 24 team thing in any detail.

However this random targetting of players for diving is completely crap.

They need to have a consistent system that is fair.

I've also said the same about the FA's random system as well.

The Scottish FA clearly have the power to make noise which then sets the disciplinary process in motion, this should not be happening.

Anonymous said...

just enforce it fairly. it doesn't make sense to only charge eduardo. after the first champions league game, to show they are serious, uefa should give each "diver" a 2 game ban. lets see if they follow through.

2 games isn't the worst. obviously, eduardo is not a distinguished diver like c.ron or drogba, but...

how about Chelsea getting the 2 transfer window ban? they can't be too excited about that.

anyways, I hate the stupid international week. it is complete pain to have to wait another 9 days here...


Ted said...

I have just seen on the BBC that Chelsea have been banned by FIFA for two years from signing new players. Apparently they tapped up some kid from Lens.

Now that really is amazing. I can't stop laughing. I didn't even know that Chelsea where in trouble.

This makes UEFA's kangaroo court for Eduardo look like a House of Lords decision. Chelsea are screwed!!

Can 1979 and Marcus please let us have their thoughts on the FIFA / Lens / French FA conspiracy against Chelsea?

1979gooner said...


I'm not saying it's a conspiracy.

However it's pretty clear that the Scottish FA have had a lot of direct influence over these two diving bans.

It's too open and obvious to be a conspiracy, it's there for all to see.

marcus said...

Clearly Ted doesn't understand how organizations like the UN, the US Congress, the British Parliament, FIFA and UEFA work.

In these types of political orgniazations representing different nationalities and regions, it is inevitable that some parties, over time, develop greater influence than others for various reasons. The Scottish FA has been particularly active in UEFA, far more active than others, in certain areas. They are certainly NOT the only influential FA, they are simply one of the more active and more influential ones.

When UEFA's decision to expand the Euros came down, it was reported all over the European football press that the Scottish FA were the loudest and most active parties pushing for it. I'm simply repeating what the news reports themselves said, in unison. When UEFA's rejection of goal line technology came down, it was widely reported that the Scots and the Welsh were instrumental in not just voting it down but in influencing the reasons for Platini's rejection of it. It simply is no accident that the only other example where UEFA's "deceiving the ref" rule has been used only TWICE, both in situations involving Scotland. They have been in the forefront of aggressively punishing diving, which is great. Another FA would not have aggressively pursued the Eduardo situation and just let it lie. And UEFA would have done nothing about it.

The question "what is the connection between the Scottish FA and UEFA" is pretty amusing, it belies an ignorance about how UEFA is structured. The "connection" is the same as every other European FA that is a member of UEFA. The Scottish FA is a member of UEFA, that's the connection. It's like asking "what is the connection between the Scottish UN Mission and the UN?" Hello? They're a member of the UN, that's it!

But in no organization on earth involving members of different regions or nations are all parties equal. In the UN the US wields far more influence than, say, Argentina. This is something so basic to political organizations it's amazing I even have to explain this.

marcus said...

"Can 1979 and Marcus please let us have their thoughts on the FIFA / Lens / French FA conspiracy against Chelsea?"

You clearly don't get my point, this is such a ludicrous joke of a comment. You're reducing my argument to the stereotype of a "conspiracy" when I have never used that word, I have NEVER suggested anything so conscious and secret as a "conspiracy." Apparently you live in a naive little world in which all members of UEFA and FIFA and other such organizations all have equal influence. You don't seem to understand how basic politics work. Maybe you think all regions/nationa represented in the British or European Parliament all wield the same exact level of influence.

Ted said...

1979 - the entire purpose of the article was to suggest that the Scottish FA exerts undue influence over UEFA.

you can't call the whole issue "fishy", accuse UEFA of being power hungry megalomaniacs, along with being anti-developments in the game, along with being inconsistent in their decisions, and now pretend that the article was not suggesting that the Scottish FA have stretched out their influence within UEFA to stitch us up.

I am clearly wrong, and despite Marcus' enormous doubts over my intellect, I still don't see what the Scottish FA has done wrong.

Whilst we can all dream of wonderful consistency from UEFA, I'm not sure what UEFA has done wrong here either. It has the power to ban Eduardo and has done so. Get over it.

The scottish fa is perfectly entitled to pursue its own political aims and so what if it is good at exerting its own agenda over football's governing bodies?

what i asked is how is it that a Scottish FA agenda, namely video evidence on diving, has managed to become so high up UEFA's agenda? I simply asked how Scotland is currently achieving this within the corridors of power within UEFA, where as you say, Scotland is simply one voice among many. The simple point is that someone else within UEFA must be agreeing with Scotland, or these things would not be happening.

I don't think that is a stupid question but Marcus instead chooses to be rude to people rather than answer the question. As he did to an anonymous poster on this site yesterday.

perhaps Marcus could keep his spleen in check for 2 minutes and answer the question. But i suspect not.

its a shame really, because i think there might have been a more interesting point to be discussed. but there you go.

1979gooner said...


the scottish fa has too much influence, whatever the reasons for this, it may be because the systems within uefa are too open to this kind of political influence, it may be because the scottish fa are good at shouting and pressing the right political buttons,

the points you make don't really address the fact that the crux of what i'ms saying is that the way in which the disciplinary system works is completely unfair and inconsistent

a lot of the blame in this case must lie at the door of uefa for this,

but the general point is that none of these organisations gives a shit for football, they are looking to represent their own interests, and what else would one expect,

the problem is we need better structures within these organisations and better systems so that these kind of random kangeroo court decisions do not happen in the future

a big problem is the way the likes of blatter and platini win power, blatter has certainly bought a lot of votes off smaller countries in a rather corrupt manner, a lot of this has made the press but little gets done as blatter is in control,

i suspect the expansion of the world cup and european championship is because of this phenomenon

both competitions are frankly being watered down with shit teams, no wonder international football is dull, we get less and less decent games between the top countries every year

so overall the scottish fa are not blameless just because uefa's disciplinary system is open to this kind of blatant partisan political interference, they should know better but the majority of the blame must lie with the people who have allowed such a crap unfair system to come into being and remain so very crap

Ted said...

Fair enough. I obviously agree that the disciplinary system is not fair and that Eduardo has been made a scapegoat.

But its nothing unusual to find at the start of the season that some new UEFA rule is being unfairly implemented, usuually at Arsenal's cost, and by October the whole thing has been forgotten and you can do what you want. I'm thinking back to 'banning' the tackle from behind, two-footed tackles etc etc

We get this shite every year.

1979gooner said...

indeed Ted.

realistically i think video refs is the only way ahead.

reviewing all games and then retrospectively punishing players would lead to too much bureaucracy.

i'd favour a tennis like system where each manager or captain had two appeals per half to the video ref.

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