Saturday 5 September 2009

Round up as boring weekend commences

I have to start with the noble John Terry's words of great wisdom this morning, he has felt the need to let everyone know what he thinks about Eduardo:

"Diving is something the England lads don't do. Sometimes we're too honest. Even in the Premier League, we see the English lads get a bit of contact and try to stay on their feet and score from the chance. The foreign mentality coming in is any little clip, you go tumbling over because of the speed of the game nowadays."

His words hardly need comment, they embarrass themselves with their rank stupidity. Just remember this is coming from a man who has recently shown his great loyalty to Chelsea by blackmailing them for more money by pimping himself for a move to City, what loyalty, what class. In fact I've seen cans of cider with more decorum and class that JT. The man is the epitomy of the scum that resides in the heart of chav England. This kind of mindless moron should be someone our nation despises, not idolises, he was clearly brought up by a rather classy lady himself. Using JT as role model is about as cunning as cleaning one's ears out with a shot gun, he has captained Chelsea through some of the most appallingly undisciplined acts of any club in the modern era.

"When you see the opponents' team-sheet you know who you've got to be careful with but there's nobody in this England squad like that."

Owen, Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard, Cole (times two), just to name but a few, these chaps have never dived routinely have they? JT also claims that Didier Drogba has stopped all his gamesmanship, I'll believe that when I see it last for more than two weeks, or has he simpy stopped diving and converted it into a JT like barracking of officials? How noble. Not all the money in the world could buy JT a brain, how very unfortunate.

My heart does bleed for Chelsea as regards their potential transfer ban. They have always behaved morally as a club, they have never thrown around money in an unethical way, they have never tapped up players before in a blatant manner, they have also never paid people off to keep quiet about their unethical and illegal dealings. The parallels to the Eduardo case are just not there, the Mirror make this point today. A club that looks to Peter Kenyon for moral leadership was always going to find itself up shit creek without a paddle. Chelsea may in yet more trouble over an 11 year old this time.

Elsewhere Fabio Capello has been praising our Academy system, some of the fruits of this will be harvested in the next few years, Jack Wilshere being one of them. Aaron Ramsey's goal against Italy's under 21s is well worth a peek, while young centre back Kyle Bartley has been made reserve team captain for the season. The club have sensibly appealed the Eduardo 'decision' and they should have a very strong case given the video evidence and the fact that UEFA are singling him out in a completely unfair manner. Even Sir Alex Ferguson agrees on the inconsistency point. Finally Amazon have seen that even free speech has its limits.

ps Arseblogger has an interesting story this morning about the delightful Fat Willy, aka Will Robinson of WR 'talent', a man who spoke of the delightful manu chant about paedophiles standing up:

"This is the first I've heard about it and I'm surprised. There is nothing defamatory. That track you are talking about is not directed at anybody."

It's not directed at anybody is it Will? My words 'disingenuous' fat c*nt are also not directed at anyone.


K man said...

Bit harsh on cans of cider there 1979. I have met a few with immense decorum and class.

Cracking goal from Ramsey there...the future is certainly bright with him and Wilshere.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA,WTF,i'm afraid england have the most consistent divers at the moment ,bar ronaldo,and this comes from a overrated player who has to let his defending partner do all the work coz he is shit!!!!.

Chavski have always been underhand in the transfer market,look at the prices there paid,the secret meetings and incentives to agents and parents of players,its time that FIFA did something about them.

We have a good crop of youngsters and the future looks good but there for a few yrs time,so the future looks good.

CypriotGunner said...

I got a reply from the BBC after that Dominic guy was verbally attacked.

Thanks for your e-mail.

I understand that you were unhappy with the way that Alan Green dealt with a caller to 6-0-6 on BBC Radio 5 Live on Saturday 29th August after the Manchester United v Arsenal match.

The caller was comparing Eduardo's alleged 'dive' during the Celtic game earlier in the week to the challenge that led to Wayne Rooney's penalty. The resulting exchange between Alan and the listener was indeed fiery and reflected Alan's passion for the game. Alan is a well respected commentator who is popular with our listeners and is known for his forthright opinions.

I am sorry that you felt that on this occasion Alan's manner was abrasive.

Many thanks for contacting us.


Paul Blakeley
Network Manager
BBC Radio 5 live & 5 live Sports Extra

1979gooner said...

hi cypriotgunner,

typical cop out from the beeb,

the exchange was not fiery,

alan green was fiery in dealing with someone who rang up and politely expressed his point of view,

there was no exchange,

it was one way abuse and alan green was damn well abrasive and offensive,

there was no need for it given the reasonable nature of the call,

the patronising response 'we are sorry you FELT' is not even admitting he was abrasive,

i'd write back and explain that their response is inadequate,

also get complaining to ofcom as if they get enough complaints they shall be forced to act

Ted said...

Thats a great clip of Gerrard diving. John Terry's comments are embarrassing.

However, we might want to be a little careful about the 'tapping-up' saga. I think you are correct to say that we have never been found to have broken any rules, but several clubs have complained about Arsenal's behaviour. In particular, PSG were extremely unhappy about the way we signed Anelka.

If the question is 'have Arsenal broken any rules?' then the answer may well be no. But some of the rules were put in place because of what we were up to and if you are looking at the way we bring 15 and 16 year old players in to the club before they have signed professional terms, then we are on much stickier ground.

We cannot paint ourselves as being whiter than white. If Jack Wilshere was turning out for Manure because Fergie had nicked him as a 16 year old, then we would be furious about it.

Michael said...

I've received a reply from 5Live as well, and it's excactly the same as the one CypriotGunner got.

1979gooner said...


i agree we are not whiter than white,

however we know what the rules/law are and have kept within them as far as i know,

interestingly the point i made to libero is rather solid,

this action from fifa is not at all random in the way that's uefa's nailing of eduardo is

there is a precedent and the rule is clear

this is not random victimisation from fifa by any means, this argument is a dishonest chelsea smokescreen

other clubs may be in the dock soon, manu in particular according to the above article,

certainly all clubs are going to have to make sure they are very careful in poaching foriegn talent in the future,

it's obviously a tricky area though, as it would be absurd if no young player could change clubs when under 16, any change to the rules that was poorly constructed could effectively see youth players become slaves if they became unable to move no matter of the circumstances,

clearly there is unethical and ethical poaching, but the divide is not that clear at times

Ted said...

yes - I hear that Roma got exactly the same punishment for tapping up Mexes (which I vaguely remember).

I guess Chelsea have knowingly breached the rules on many occasions, perhaps worse than other clubs, so its not random.

its just weird that it seemed to get announced out of nowhere this week - the media didn't even seem to know that a decision was expected.

K man said...

More importantly I've just seen that our injury curse has returned...Djourou out for 6 months. That means we are one injury from having to play Senderos or Silvestre. We will not win the title with them.

Given our injury problems why did Arsene not buy some back up?? This was always going to happen.

Luke said...

Totally agree