Wednesday 4 July 2012

RVP statement confirms the ongoing death of football

So Robin Van Persie has 'kindly' released an 'update for the fans'.  The great irony is that he pretends to care for the loyal Arsenal fans who have supported him through the good and the bad times, and in RVP's Arsenal career there have been many more bad times given the massive amount of time he has spent out injured on the sidelines.

If Robin genuinely cared for the club and fans then he would not be releasing this kind of statement on his personal website, in doing what he has done he is showing a significant lack of respect to the club and fans.  Robin also makes a number of claims that I find to be highly dubious, including claiming that money has not been discussed and that this has zero to do with his decision.

If we believe Robin then the club is not showing the ambition he desires, however even if this is the case should he really be coming out and issuing such a statement when is under contract?  I think not.  I also think that by doing so he is shafting the club in terms of getting a decent fee.  Given how Robin has only played about half our games in the last eight years it is all a bit rich in my eyes.

The bottom line is that Arsenal football club is way bigger than any player and we will move on if RVP leaves this summer.  If I were in control I would refuse to listen to anything other than a >20million offer and if this were not made then I would stick RVP in the Reserves for the year.  I have had enough of the modern game of football, the game is dying for me and it has very little soul left.

Thanks for the memories Robin, it is just a great shame that you have tarnished your reputation with us, the fans, by releasing such a statement in such a manner.  One day you will realise there is more to life than what you currently seek and that the hero status you could have had here is something you will never achieve elsewhere.  Adios.


Anonymous said...

Spot on
And I may want to add this: Why is it that players see clubs as a supplier of their own personal success? I am tired of players looking for clubs to deliver trophies and money rather than looking for the fulfilment of bringing success to their employer

Anonymous said...

There is 2 sides to this story. We had world class players in Fabregas and RVP and we didn't surround them with the quality they deserve. I agree that this statement was only thinking of himself, but that's the modern day player, unless your British and really give a damn about the roots of the club these people don't give a fuck. However the bigger thing here is why is Arsenal not investing in the quality that these players and we the fans really deserve?

Robin said...

At least he announced his statement with respect. He knows we'll miss him and truly, like he said, I'm sure it has nothing to do with his pay.

The management of Arsenal seem hard set in their ways and rules. Who knows what VP was asking for, strengthening of the defence, inclusion of experienced players in the transfer list... who knows.

I know that's what I would ask for if I was VP and if those requests are not granted, then I'll know for sure that our sights are not winning anything again this season.

Anonymous said...

i dont get the fact that we are showing intent and buying players thats what he wanted and then to say its not good enough. also everyone is saying you cant win anything at arsenal and blame wenger but wengers not a footballer. the players on the pitch dictate the match if they tried the could easily win silverware. keep him till he's free then move him on he'll be 30 by then and you never know he might win silverware next year and want to stay

Robin said...


Wenger's was a footballer plus, the team player according to his instructions. If you look at the way we play closely, you will see that our defence tactics isn't necessarily defensive but offensive, that's why you have our defence having to run way back every time and since Uncle Wenger has refused to buy quick, experienced defenders, all the work lies on Kosc and Verm., how much can the wee lads do?

He keeps buying forwards or MDs...smh! I don't blame VP, it's not a case of disloyalty on his part, it's a case of thick-headedness with either Wenger alone or the management as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Sell him to the first team outside the EPL that pony's up 25 m ,even if it's Ahnzi or PSG. We can't have another captain moaping about for a whole season. I'm tired of loving a club so much more than anyone who plays for them. Good luck finding a team that cared for you as much as Arsenal PVP. Thanks for the injury-riddled memories.

Anonymous said...

Well, let RVP go, with this statement from him, definately there no more loyalty. Many great players have left the club, but arsenal remain arsenal. Same situation with Aneika, Mathew Flaniny and Helib. But today where are they. Arsenal Football Club still function without them.

J said...

The game died this year, with Citeh and the chavs snaring the top two trophies, this news tonight only confirmed it.

Robin Van Persie..., you are dead to me now. No different to the others. No different to the Nasri's and the Cashley Cole's of this world. When push comes to shove.., you are out for yourself.

His argument of lacking ambition lacks any kind of credibility.., two of the best strikers in europe have just arrived through the door!
A deal was struck with citeh long ago.., Robin was just waiting for the chance to weasel his way out of the door.

Loyalty means nothing anymore. Decency, honour, integrity.., alien concepts to this sub human breed of scumbags that frequent our once beautiful game.

He has the cheek to claim love for the club.., true love means putting the object of said love first. Sacrificing for that love. I would die for my fiancee and if i was a pro footballer i would forgoe the tainted success on offer at petro-doped provincial sides to stay at Arsenal and help them win big. That is love.

Robin does not love Arsenal, he loves himself. Self serving, selfish and shallow to the noble qualities that make men into legends.
He could have been a legend at Arsenal, not now. Now he is just another cheat, just another thief. Just another fraud who ran off at the earliest chance to enrich his own pocket.

I feel so terribly sorry for Arsene Wenger tonight. Whatever mistakes he might have made during his tenure, at his heart he is an Arsenal man. Through and through. The club had come before his own family. The club has come before his own ambitions and interest.
For all the faith and time and effort he has put into helping RVP become the player he is, for all that to have this in-great spit it back into his face. Just like cesc, just like nasri, just like cole and adebayor.

Well so long Robin. Good riddance to you. If you don't want to be at this great club then it doesn't want you. We were here before you. We were here when you were a petulant little punk ass getting thrown out of Feyenoord. When you were laid out on the treatment table for 6 out of the 8 years you had the privilege of calling yourself an Arsenal player. And you know what, we will be here still when you are sitting on the bench collecting dirty money up at citeh.

You could have been a legend. But now you are nothing. I can't help but think that when your playing days are over and you are sitting alone one day contemplating the path you trod.., i can't help but think you will wish you would have done it differently. But by then, all will be lost you silly man.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts , sell, sell sell who will you be left with. All that money for tickets all that money for your best players and no investment. Joke shop ! COYS

Anonymous said...

Errr Wayne Rooney anyone? I seem to recall his desire to quit mu as they lacked ambition. It's nothing to do with ambition, its money, simples. At least Rooney saw the error of his ways and quickly apologized. Can't see rvp doing that, really what is ambition? Buying the best player in every position, that's not ambition, that's football manager 2012 or summat where you find a cheat for unlimited funds and win everything every season, that's not ambition that's cheating and doesn't really fulfill the true sense of achievement. At AFC rvp was loved, at citeh, chelski, real, barca, ac he will have a short span to become special, not gonna happen with his injury record, and any teams he achieves silverware with will most definitely have bought it so the shiny medal on his bedside table won't have been earned, it will have been bought. He may as well just buy a winners medal off Raul or Gerard or messi.

Anonymous said...

Pony up 25 mill for your shareholders you mean. What type of person would use pony up as a way to describe selling a 30 goal a season prem player of the year. Joke shop. COYS !

Anonymous said...

Cole PV4 Henry Cesc and now RVP another world class player leaves the club

Wenger needs to listen to what RVP says.But will he?Of course not.Wenger wont listen to anyone

PV4 Henry Cesc and RVP were all captains of the club

Where were all the critics of RVP when he won all those games on his own last season

As with Cesc good luck to him he deserves more than one FA cup winners medal in his cabinet

What it proves again we are a selling club

Anonymous said...

The board and manager are too blame.Its a sad day for Arsenal.But the lack of top quality signings is killing us.Some fans think finishing 19 points behind the worst Utd team in 20 years is a cause for celebration Just you watch what RVP wins in the next 5 years.Cesc last summer RVP this when will the club realise we cant canrry on losing world class players.TV5 to Barca next?

Anonymous said...

Robin must be the greatest fool if he disrespect the club Arsenal FC and the fans. Without players like Alex song, Theo walcott and co that are in arsenal fc do he think he can win the personal laurels he won last season ,please let him go and win the trophies like he did in the Euro 2012 with the Holland team that was fill with stars but could not got any point in the team.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Do you love Arsenal or just Arsenal with trophies? I'm becoming old enough now to see such lack of loyalty in football. I would give anything just to have a game with the team. It's ashame RVP doesn't feel the same. I hope the likes of Wilshere and Vermaelen don't go the same way. Too many Nasri's and his ilk about nowadays.

Brady's Left Foot said...

How come Spurs, who are not in the Champions League, can convince Gareth Bale to stay with the club yet Arsenal has, once again, failed to convince a star player to stay?
When was the last time the Arsenal negotiating team persuaded a major Arsenal player to stick with the club? I can recall, Flamini, Cole, Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy, Fabregas - all players either in their prime and/or with their best years ahead of them - leaving. I cannot bring to mind a single player of note that has remained with the "Project".
What message is this giving to the supporters and players? Who will be next, Walcott? or God forbid, Willshire? It is time for a major re-think amongst the Decision Makers at Arsenal, a fundamental re-evaluation of how things are done. I understand that Financial Fair Play is meant to be just around the corner and that, in theory, this will provide a more even playing field, but do you really think the likes of Man City et al have not devised strategies to circumvent this issue? That clearly, would be naive in the extreme.
Arsenal supporters have now reached the point where talk of jam tomorrow just isn't good enough. We need to see firm and positive action and a strong response to the RVP issue; else we will be seen as weak, relegated to the status of being a lowly feeder club.