Friday 19 June 2009

Vermaelen signs on

It has been confirmed by the club today, Thomas Vermaelen is an Arsenal player. Although he can play at left back he will surely be our first choice left centre back next season, with this having some interesting implications for some other centre backs at the club. Importantly Vermaelen is a leader, he comes with experience as a club captain, something we have sorely missed at the back in recent seasons in my eyes.

We currently have Toure, Gallas, Djourou, Senderos, Silvestre and Song as players who can play at centre back. Given Vermaelen's signing it is very hard to see at least a couple of these players not leaving. Personally I'd definitely ship Silvestre out because he is useless and if we can't find a youth team player better then we might as well shut down out Academy. I also suspect that Gallas is on his way as he would definitely not want to be anything but a first choice player.

It looks a good first signing of the close season to me, Arsene is obviously chuffed and Mr Vermaelen has some positive first words for us too. Not only does this move strengthen our defense but it is a mark of our intent, hopefully it will convince the likes of RVP that we are serious about winning trophies next year. The centre of midfield is the next obvious area for strengthening, we need a physical beast of burden who can mix it up with the best of them, we most certainly do not need Xabi Alonso, not only will he injure Cesc in training but he will add about as much defensive solidity as Mikel Silvestre in a wheelchair.


Anonymous said...

Here’s a thought though, when was the last time Wenger spent so much on a centre-back, and so early in the transfer season? Petit is the name that springs to mind. Maybe Arsene has different plans for Tom.


1979gooner said...

I'm sure he'll play at centre back. You never know with Arsene though!

K man said...

Can we stop the Alonso bashing now? Getting a bit dull.

I know very little about Vermaelen to be honest but Wenger seems unusually chuffed with his signing. I hope he's as good as Wenger thinks he is. Agree with 1979 that we need a bit of leadership at the back.

I'd keep Toure and Djourou and let any of the others go. If we lose Silvestre, Gallas and Senderos then we might need one more centre back.

Roll on the defensive midfielder...but realistically who is out there that would be worth signing?

Barry has gone, Toure is about to sign a new contract at Barca and Masherano will stay at Liverpool or go to Barca.

If Ade goes to Milan, could we not just ask for Flamster back?

1979gooner said...

Alonso bashing?

I think you'll find that I've been pretty generous to Alonso given his remarkable lack of defensive ability.

Malikhan said...

lol @ 1979 gooner.

What i do not see is why we should buy in to the whole DM position at all.The Arsenal style of play is more about fluidity than of force and frigidity.a nasri-cesc locus in the midfield is something i really like.We do need to strengthen our midfield yes, but a destroyer wont be worth it.

Anonymous said...

im happy with the vermaelen signing its good to see us starting early and i hope there is a few more . flamster back would be great but a.w is to stuburn to take him back , time 2 ship out the dead wood . senderous eboue greddybuyor rosicky stevo dublin gooner

1979gooner said...

a destroyer who can also play would be nice, a mascherano type

wouldn't mind the dynamism of the flamster back either, this certainly won't happen though

i agree that some dead wood needs to be shipped out, our squad is getting rather large, mind you given the way in which we accumulate injuries!

Anonymous said...

i hope Gallas stays.
he is our best defender.

i do like the felipe melo rumors.