Monday 1 June 2009

Have I Got No News For You

Wasn't the Cup Final disappointing? Of all the average toss-pots to score a left footer to win the Cup, it had to be Frank "Ginsters" Lampard.

So, its the 1st June and the 09/10 Premierleague season does not start until... I don't know when. Not for months anyway. There is also no major summer footy tournament this year and Britain Has Chav-Talent has just finished on TV (I voted for the fat Cypriot idiot dancers - they were great).

This all means that the Red-Top gutter press has absolutely nothing to print at the moment. So get ready for the overdrive of made up stories hitting your local newsagent any time soon. "Alonso to Arsenal", "Essien to Milan", "Adebyor to retire on the Moon"....

This is how it goes: "Sources close to a well known Premiership player have said that its a good time to get a rest, assess the squad and see what can be done for next year. A couple of the players' contracts need looking at and if a couple of new signings can be made, then why not expect next year to bring the success that we have all been waiting for next year."

Well I can't be bothered this year, well not at until a decent rumour crops up that we can get over-excited about (I remember literally praying every night in about 1997 that we would sign George Weah).

So in the meantime, remember that 99% of the stuff in the papers is balls, that you will never have heard of whoever Arsene Wenger signs this summer, and that we will spend less than Manure, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and probably still Newcastle. It will make the next two months a lot more bearable for us all.


Rhinogooner said...

I could be wrong, but I suspect we will have players leaving Arsenal before new players are bought.

That's not to speculate that we have to sell in order to buy. I just think we are quicker at letting players leave than we are at making purchases.

I really hope that Mr. Wenger has handed his wish list to Ivan Gazidas and went on a nice holiday for a bit.

Ted said...

My expectations for the summer remain low. But then, we have pulled the occassional rabbit out of the hat. I never saw the Sol Campbell signing coming.

Rhinogooner said...

I'd be ecstatic if we managed a signing of equal quality to Big Sol this summer!

I'd better stop there before I start off the transfer window talk :-) I need at least 1 more week of peace before I start getting anxious about who we're going to bring in this summer.

Rhinogooner said...

I'm seeing reports of Barry undergoing a medical at Man City. If it's true, it doesn't make any sense to me. I was under the impression he wanted to play in the Champion's League.

I'm not saying I was hopeful of him coming to Arsenal or even that I thought he is what we needed. I just expected him to go to Liverpool, Chelsea or us if he left Villa.

K man said...

I did think he might come to Arsenal and I thought he'd be a good signing. I can't believe after all the chat of wanting Champions League footy he's signed for Man City. I'd be bloody angry if I was a Villa fan. Idiot.

Ted said...

I also thought Barry would be a good signing. I guess either none of the Big 4 are in for him, or he is taking the wedge from Man City and could not give a toss about Champs league football.
Either way, Barry would be a better signing than the cretin Xabi Alonso.

Rhinogooner said...

I like Barry and I thought he could be a good signing for us. But I wasn't certain he was the best option out there for our CM needs. Perhaps he is, I just hadn't made spent any time thinking about who I think would be the best fit.

I also did not have the hope that we would actually sign him even if he is the most suitable for us. We just don't typically make transfers of this nature.

That said, I am a bit disappointed that he is no longer an option. Well played by Man City to get stuck right in. I hope we won't dither with our transfers. We shouldn't wait till the close of the window to pick up the loose scraps.

Nevertheless, I believe there are still some very good options available for our CM needs and I fully expect Mr. Wenger to bring one in. I just hope he isn't some French youngster with potential or an African who is going to bugger off for the ACN this winter.

Uncle Mike said...

So far, the big news is Kaka deciding it's not about love of the game and love of AC Milan, it's about love of Real Madrid's multitudinous moolah. Too bad, I liked him until today.

But Madrid also have a new manager, which means Wenger won't be poached by that bunch of... How do you say "sanctimonious twats" in Spanish?

I am amazed at how the English/European press makes a mountain rumor out of a molehill idea, far beyond the U.S./North American media outlets. It's crazy.

But it'll all be fine if, before rosters are set and before August 15 (which, as I understand it, is the first day of the next Premiership season), Arsenal can find a way to move Adebayor and get the injured players (Eduardo if not this mythical Rosicky I've been hearing so much about) healthy. If they can find someone who can do for the D what Arshavin's done for the O, then look out, England and Europe, here comes The Arsenal.

Rhinogooner said...

I'm seeing reports that we are nearing the signature for this Vermaelen bloke from Ajax.

I can't make any judgment as I've never seen him play. Adams mentioned yesterday that he didn't think Arsenal would go in for him as he isn't ready for the Premier League and he is a small center half, which we already have enough of.

Let's see how this develops...

Obsinho said...

Hadn't heard of Vidic before he signed, so more than happy to have a punt on him. He might be an aggressive ball winner, and 5ft11 (if that is his height) is no midget. Shouldn't think Maldini was much bigger.

What is bugging me is the midfield - Barry for £12m is a steal. I really think that we should have been in there - money may have been Barry's motivator (and fair enough) but you get the sense he would have taken what we offered.

Also, if Kaka is going for £56m, Ribery is up for €100m, fuck knows what Ronaldo is going for I really do get the feeling of this being the final summer where the madness goes too far. This level of expenditure is not sustainable and I genuinely hope it drives a team under. Be that in England or Spain, it needs to happen so that some sense of balance can return. If we cannot compete (which we may be able to but choose not to) with these guys then how is anyone else?

It is early days but I cannot see us competing next season (not that I don't think we'll improve nor that we won't make signings) just that Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool will spend so much that some quality will come along to their teams, and that some of the "smaller" teams like City, Villa and Everton will also improve.

We have to focus on the Champs League, as frankly the quality is lower.

Rhinogooner said...

Rumours persist regarding Vermaellen. And there seems to be some merit now that the player himself has spoken about it.

I am pleased to know that we are pursuing improvements to our defense, as they are imperative. And I've never seen Vermaellen play, at least I've never noticed him if I have seen him play. So I won't besmirch his ability to be the aggressive, ball-winning defender we require. But £10-£11m being quoted for a relatively unknown player seems a bit bloated even relative to the crazy transfer fees often paid these days.

Surely this bloke is only a £5-6m player.

I'd be happy for us to sign a £11m CB, so long as it was a player who is highly regarded and established like Chiellini or Albiol.

Anyroad, at least we are on the move and not waiting until August to bring players in.

While I'm on the topic of transfer gossip - £25m for Van Persie, Toure to Citeh for £10 or Micah Richards. Anyone interested in having any of that??

Thoughts on Vermaellen?

Rhinogooner said...

Kaka is a Madrid player officially now. I suspect Milan won't be holding onto that dosh long enough for it to accrue any interest.

It'll be interesting to see who they swoop for in the coming days.

Rhinogooner said...

Anyone about? Must all be on your holibobs...