Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mike Riley continues to lie

It is really sad that the richest league in the world has such a biased and useless body in charge of its refereeing, the PGMOL, and it is led by the yes-man Mike Riley.  Untold Arsenal have run some cracking stories recently and the way in which PL referees allow violence to prosper is definitely something that holds the English game back.  It results in too many career threatening injuries and it means that England really struggles to develop players with any creativity and technique.  Untold Arsenal have reported some very interesting stats on the number of fouls per game and it makes very interesting reading indeed:

The balance between physicality and player protection is right,” said Riley. “Fewer free-kicks result in things such as an increase in average goals per game and average shots in the game."

This is Mike Riley's opinion and I doubt many objective observers would agree with this propaganda.  It is also abundantly clear that not much Mike Riley says can be trusted, the PGMOL claim that referees only made 36 'key errors' in PL games last season.    Untold Arsenal didn't review all the PL games but found about 6 times as many errors in only 40% of the total games!  This demonstrates that the PGMOL are only noticing about 5% of their errors, this is utterly shameful.

It is abundantly clear the the PGMOL are a completely useless organisation that has very little independence from the Premier League.  Mike Riley is simply a compliant yes-man who generally hides from the media and simply spouts made up propaganda when he does come out of his corrupt little hole. I have no faith in the PL refereeing and these statistics are yet more evidence that Mike Riley and the PGMOL cannot be trusted one inch.  Shameful stuff.


UPYOURARSEnal said...

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. I think chelsea may have a similar treatment as utd have had over the next few years. The premier league needs a flagship club and chelsea will invest in the players to help sell the league abroad.

james mundy said...
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Uncle Mike said...

You do not want an Arsenal fan to referee a match. If he does, Manchester United and Chelsea will end up with 9 players on the field. Stoke and other "Dirty Northern Bastard" clubs perhaps 6. That's due to vicious play and, in the case of MU and the Chavs, abusive behavior. In other words, if the rules were properly enforced, those clubs would be royally screwed. But, because they make money for the FA, they get off easy.

1979gooner said...

Dear James

Please educate yourself before infecting these pages with your ignorance


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