Sunday, 9 June 2013

Keep calm and don't read the tabloids

The summer is too nice to waste it getting worried over stories that have been made up by some sad, bitter and often vindictive Fleet street hack.  What happens in the close season happens and we can do precisely nothing to affect it.  Therefore I suggest everyone rises above the dross that is created to draw readers to tabloids and shoddy websites like

Sadly there are many many journalists out there who have no moral fibre at all.  Many of them simply sink to the lowest common denominator by making up nonsense in order to attract readers with sensationalist headlines.  It is interesting that so many of them deny this is their approach but 99.999% of their stories turn out to be incorrect, they are either very bad or very dishonest, I'll leave you to make your minds up.

 I would strongly urge anyone interested in football to read the Commons Select Committee report on football governance, generally the media ignore it as they have their snouts in the Premier League trough, most journalists don't want to report the truth as it would bite that hand that feeds their slobbering greedy gobs.  These few quotes sum up just what trouble football governance is in England right now:

"Since the FA Main Board will be acting on the recommendations of the National Game Board and Professional Game Board, it is inevitable that, under these proposals, the Premier League will retain its dominance over the Football Association. Arguably, by devolving decision-making downwards, the joint proposals in some respects reinforce that dominance. While it is inevitable that the paymaster will have far greater influence than the other bodies in a representative organisation like the FA, we are disappointed that the proposals have not sought to alter this balance of power."

"We are concerned that a number of key decision areas have been delegated from the FA to the NGB and PGB, with the regulator in effect ceding power to the regulated. It is also a matter of concern that the National and Professional Game Boards—largely composed of vested interests from the top of the football pyramid—will have the power to decide whether or not new areas requiring regulation would fall under the sole purview of the Football Association."

Effectively there is no independent oversight of football in England, the Premier League has all the power and  this is terribly bad news for the national game.  This is because the Premier League cares only for increasing revenue, it cares nothing for fairness, it cares nothing for the grass roots, it cares nothing for the smaller clubs.  It is just shameful that the mainstream media so routinely fail to point out this massive problem, they would prefer to make up transfer stories instead.  Sad.


Simon Ratcliffe said...

It's a good piece, but we have to ask ourselves why we get ripped off in this country. Basically we just bend over and take it.
Ridiculous prices for football, SKY, the Premier League etc, etc.
I was part of a SKY boycott when it came out as there were some of us who could see where it was going. Maybe in the twitterverse we live in now we could have made it happen. I'd still never buy it.
Do you think German fans would allow what's happened to us to happen to them?
When the only value these people have is money, the only way to get change is to hit them in the wallet.

Macrat Gooner

Terence McGovern said...

I dont understand the argument that lower league clubs are somehow entitled to money earned by the elite clubs.
Football clubs are essentially entertainment businesses. Should Starbucks subsidise the corner cafe?(tax morality aside pls)
Lower league clubs that produce good players are paid transfer fees sometimes overly so if the young player is english and often are recipients of expensively trained elite academy products for nominal fees.
The FA has always ALWAYS made a pig's ear of anything they have had direct influence over and are bad managers of the game (Wembley stadium debt). The premiership is a meritocracy of football darwinism. At some future date there will be a pan-european league where only global brands need apply and the likes of Newcastle and potentially Liverpool will be left behind on the outdated tier. Former glories mean nothing ask Notts forest. Football like everything else is subject to evolution and any attempts to block that with misguided nostalgic socialism will fail.

Simon Ratcliffe said...

Thanks for posting that Terence.

"At some future date there WILL be a pan-european league where only global brands need apply...."

I rest my case.

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