Monday, 18 July 2011

Edging closer but still short

There are some signs of promise, Gervinho and Jenkinson have signed, a young pacey striker in the form of Joel Campbell looks to be following close behind. Denilson has been shipped out to Sao Paolo on loan, Nic Bendtner looks to be on the way out too, unfortunately there does not appear to a great deal of other movement in the direction of the exit door.

The close season is certainly not a completed chapter, the big tales of Nasri and Cesc may well have a lot more left to run and I cannot believe that either would leave without a replacement being lined up. I find it very hard to believe that it makes sense to keep Nasri when he will walk away for free next summer, the only reason I can think for keeping him in this situation would be if Cesc goes and is not replaced, meaning that Nasri would have his central role in the side, still this would be storing up big problems for next summer.

Overall the squad is not looking too bad but there are still two big problems from my viewpoint. Firstly we have too many central midfielders and not enough wide midfielders, it would be nice to see this balance improved. Secondly I am not happy with the way the centre back situation is being managed. Squillaci is not up to it in my book and should be jettisoned. Bartley should definitely be given games ahead of the hapless Frenchman, while another strong aerially dominant centre back would be very useful for the long campaign ahead. It does not make sense to see Bartley left at home while Squillaci puts in yet another dismal shift in our first team.

I am happy with Gibbs getting his chance at left back, Szczesny is capable of being out no1 keeper, Jenkinson adds depth in the right back slot, Ramsey and Vermaelen being fit is some bonus, Lansbury can hopefully be given a chance to prove himself, Frimpong should not be forgotten. The young Japanese Miyaichi excites, Vela may perform now he is in the last chance saloon, while Gervinho can add a bit of pace and guile that we have lacked at times in forward areas. The squad is definitely taking shape but I really hope that there will be some more significant changes before the season gets underway in August. Come on you Gunners!


Sid said...

Who elese would you like us to fuck off? Do you have a list I can fax to Hignbury House HQ?

Dont know why you are making a big issue of players attending the recent PR excercise in Asia either mate? Denilson went and he is off. Bartley needs to playing every week, being 5th choice is of no use to him or Arsenal, IMO.

We will sign at lest one CB and even if Squilacci stays, that should shut up the miseries amongst us, you included! Haha!

I also think Frimpong should go out on loan as he has missed a whole season and needs to play too. We also have Coquelin, who I would suggest is ahead of Frimpong. Hopefully he will be deemed good enough, if not then we will need cover/competition for Song, IMO.

I think the next 2 weeks will see alot of activity.

Cesc is going nowhere, BTW, barca can mouth off all they like and use as many players, mayors and catalaunian c*nts they like, they just do not have the capital to sign him this summer.

As for Nasri, I dont see him leaving unless a foreign club comes in for him.

abz said...

i feel sorry for vela... i think alot of his poor performances were due to him being on the plane every week traveling across the world! him being left out of mexico team will be a huge bonus for afc

Anonymous said...


Purple Monkey Dishwasher said...

I can't get over what a frustrating summer it's been so far for Arsenal fans. I hope August is better than July! Anyway, good article, thanks for posting. Mine is also a little rant

DerinO95 said...

Very good article, well written. I would agree with most of it, as I am a restless gunners fan who is desperate to see some silverware.

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Gavin Wiseman said...

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