Tuesday 3 August 2010

Can Barca sink any lower?

Just when you thought that feeble excuse for a football club, Barcelona FC, could sink no lower, they have done precisely that, they have sunk even lower. I wrote on the deliberate manipulation of the media by Barca in order to unsettle Cesc yesterday; this is something that looks rather likely to be the case given the number of Barca players who have systematically spoken to the media on the topic this summer.

Of note I have not heard any Barca fan or other supporter offer any kind of decent justification for Barca's behaviour, some of them even seem to think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable, what rank arrogance. The latest in this long line of Barca propaganda artists is the gravity prone Iniesta and the fact that it has been via Barcelona's own TV channel adds some solid weight to the argument that Barca have been quite deliberately and cynically manipulating the media in order to unsettle a player who has five years of his recently signed contract to run.

Barca have not even increased their derisory offer of around 30 million pounds. They have continued to wage a war of propaganda in order to unsettle a player who is under a long term contract with another club in a deeply unethical and unsavoury manner. Arsene Wenger is spot on when he says that Barcelona have a case to answer, but he is also right when he talks of being unable to prove it definitively. One wonders if FIFA and UEFA would consider taking action if this was Chelsea doing it to a foreign club, rather than Barca doing it to an English club. Denilson has had some good words to say on the matter. The ridiculous Barca spinning of Cesc being rather emotional is another prong of this dishonest campaign of malignant propaganda.

The only man that can stop this is Cesc and this will not happen until he returns to the country later this week, the Mail are (yet again) way off the mark with their misreading of the situation. Overall Barca have covered themselves in manure by the way in which they have gone about their business in this whole affair, every Barca fan should be deeply ashamed of the way their club has behaved and whatever the eventual outcome we have all learnt that Barcelona FC are not even worthy of a good portion of our sputum, they have sunk too low for even that.


Unknown said...

Dunno why all this "Can Barca sink any lower" stuff is wasting news space cos the inevitable is gonna happen. Cesc is heading back to Barca. If ye Gooners had any hope of him staying Cesc would've come out & put an end to the speculation and pledge his allegiance to Arsenal long before now.

Goonanon said...

Seriously, stop making a mockery out of Arsenal fans with your deluded conspiracy dibble. How can you get your information from the Daily Mail and then pass it along as a credible source? A Barca player gives a TV interview to a Catalan channel and then it's considered media propaganda? Garbage. You seem to be employing the same muckraking tactics as many of the media channels and it makes you no better. Blog about this issue all you want, but at least base your posts on facts and not hearsay.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Goonanon. And here's the actual quote:

"We all want him to come because he will help us to go up a level - he's very complete," Iniesta told Barca TV.

"However, he belongs to Arsenal and the two clubs must understand each other [in order for a deal to be done]."

Note that second part.

Anonymous said...

"We all want to screw your wife, she will help us achieve a climax - she's a very attractive woman

However, she belongs to you and we must understand each other (in order for a deal to be done)"

I suppose that would be okay would it? She's from our town after all and we just want to bring her home and share her DNA.

Anonymous said...

John, that seems logical that Cesc would come out but that is not necessarily the truth.

It is quite possible he doesnt want to offend the clowns at Barca, who are sadly his friends!

Anonymous said...

Thought this was quite funny


Enjoy paranoid Arsenal fans and chill out, he's not goin anywhere for now

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading the blog. I follow Arsenal because they play good football and Arsene Wenger is a top manager. I'm no dyed in the wool Gooner. And all this is getting tedious. Big clubs buy players off smaller clubs - how many players have left Ajax over the years? - sometimes they use their players to do some of the tapping up. I remember Rio Ferdinand deciding he wanted to up sticks and go to Man U after a wc/euro competition getting his ears bashed by Beckham and co. And I'm sure big sir Alex was aware what was going on. For Cesc the pull is going to be even greater. He may not go 'cos Barça don't have enough money. Arsenal may start winning things and he made decide to stay. If he goes Arsenal will make a lot of money. they've had a great deal out of someone who left his home and country at 16 yrs old to come and live in London. Respect the guy and his decision. Players will stay with the Arsenal when it's got the feel of a Barça, you're a few trophies off but no reason for it not too happen. Arsenal have the potential to be as big as Liverpool and Man U. And who knows maybe Cesc will still be there to make it happen.

Arsenal Station said...

I wrote something similar last week on my blog. Like you, I firmly believe the players speaking out is part of a coordinated media campaign on the part of the club. There is no other logical conclusion especially considering the frequency with which it happens. Have you ever seen such attention given to the transfer of someone who likely would not be an everyday first XI player? If they can come up with the £60m (and not in installments they can later default on like with Henry and Hleb) I say let him go. He'll learn his lesson just like Overmars, Anelka, Vieira, Petit, Henry, Hleb, Adebayor, etc.... and have no one to blame but himself... and Barcelona, of course.

Anonymous said...

so what if he learns his lesson? we still lose him! the only one that has left, learned their lesson and returned was campbell, not that i am complaining about that, but we've lost a lot of quality from players leaving to "learn their lesson" forget that

Hugh said...

Gppnanon is a bit thick. Thinks the author has got his info from the daily mail! Doh!

Of course its co-ordinated by FC farca, the fact they dont have the money to sign him makes it even worse. Its all ego and machismo on their part.

Just a shame our piss poor media suck it up so readily and, it seems, some thick as fuck Gooners.

Anonymous said...

messi crap on cesc on sunday was even on fifa,s wed site.when i posted comment wondering why they where carrying stories on a barca player talking about another clubs player and saying how good it would be for cesc to return to barca they would not display it on the site.

mediator27 said...

actually, there would, in a legal sense, be sufficient proof, since all the unsettling statements are from Barca employees and can therefore be attributed to there employer, since there has been no hint of repudiation. in the usa there is a civil wrong called tortious interference with contract, which can result not only in compensatory damages but also punitive damages.
i would not be surprised if there was such a tort claim in britain or in european union law in general. if so i would recommend that arsenal file suit against barca. a favorable judgment could put an end to this insidious practice.
steven c ny ny

John said...

Earlier on this evening I tried to leave a comment on Le Grove, mainly because they were slagging the team and manager, and the fact that we were rumoured to be in negotiations with Spahic. I thought Le Grove was supposed to be a forum about Arsenal, however when I tried to make a comment I was banned from the site. I didn’t use any bad language, and yet I was banned. Can anyone tell me why this is so?

1979gooner said...


I disagree with your response and don't quite see what point you are labouring to make.

Would you think it acceptable for Arsenal to put interviews up on it's website of our players talking of a player which Arsene wanted to sign and how good they would be for the squad? It's completely out of order and you seem to be almost defending it.

Conspiracy theory? Well the fact that Barca TV would broadcast this shows that they are openly producing information to unsettle an under contract player, that's propaganda in my view.

Overall you make no decent point and are trying to defend the indefensible. Not impressive.


very interesting stuff, maybe the US has some better legislation to deal with this unscrupulous behaviour,

I do agree with you and clubs need to start making a big issue of this. If one club could get proof of tapping up and then nail another club it would make a big difference. The Ashley Cole sage seemed to make a bit of a difference to the way things happened in England, but Chelsea have repeatedly failed to be reported for numerous infringements.

Personally I think the system is broken in that it should not be up to the clubs to report each other. The governing bodies need to police the system better, otherwise the system is far more open to corruption as the likes of Barca are currently exploiting.