Friday 2 April 2010

Cesc probably broke his leg against Birmingham

There have been reports in the media since Wednesday's game claiming that Cesc's leg was broken by Craig Gardner against Birmingham, the weekend before the Barca game. Arsene has now come out to deny these claims that Cesc's leg was broken before the Barca game. I have to say that in my opinion Arsene is likely to be wrong and it is highly probable that the media rumours are right.

Craig Gardner's appalling tackle was violent and aggressive, despite what the clogger says himself, it was clear that there was no need for him to follow through with his non tackling leg, this aspect of the tackle was vindictive and malicious. Arsene said in his statement:
"The injury is in exactly the place where he got kicked against Birmingham and he has a crack on his bone."

This makes it likely that Cesc's leg was actually broken by Gardner, it was simply that it was such a subtle break that it was not detectable on the X-Rays, as some fractures are. He has been in a lot of pain since the Birmingham game and was only 40% to start, he then never looked fit against Barca and was labouring throughout, it is unlikely that bruising would have done this. Cesc probably had a small crack in his fibula that was more obvious on the X-Rays after the Barca game. The Puyol tackle was innocuous and low energy, I find it hard to believe that this cracked the bone.

The fact that this break was probably missed doesn't matter to Cesc, it is a stable injury that won't affect him in the future, it will simply be too painful to play on with the pain. It also doesn't reflect badly upon the medical staff, these things happen in medicine, X-Rays aren't perfect, nothing in medicine is, that's life, unavoidable error is everywhere. This 'missed leg break' story shouldn't be hyped up into something it is not, the fact that the injury was missed is really not a particularly interesting story if one has a bit of an understanding of legs.


Anonymous said...

Another bullshit article. You know better than Arsene Wenger and the whole of the Arsenal medical team and can see something in an X-Ray that nobody else has seen. Oh, you haven't seen them at all! How did you reach your conclusion?

Go back to shovelling shit.

Anonymous said...

Cesc is a freaking LEGEND

Anonymous said...

If Cesc broke his leg against Birmingham, he wouldn't be able to run and play against Barcelona.

king gooner said...

i'm pretty certain the "damage"was done by that c**t gardner by what his arsehole of a manager laughingly described as "robust"-let's call it what anyone who has ever played football knows it as "A REDUCER"!-& he followed through on it with intent-iv'e watched it half a dozen times-accept the c**t got away with the leg breaker because of our shitty anglophile,MANURE loving ref h.webb-

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha at the first post

1979gooner said...

hi anonymous 1633,

your comment is that of an infant,

my argument revolves around the fact that just because a fracture isn't apparent on an X-Ray it doesn't mean a small fracture isn't present, something you clearly fail to appreciate!

Anonymous 1643

actually you know very little about fractures, with an undisplaced fracture of the fibula from direct trauma people often play on with them without thinking they have broken anything

Arsene Wenger is not a medic

It would be interesting to see what the medical staff would stay behind closed doors

Obviously with the way the sensationalist media work in this country, they could never admit it may have been broken before the Barca game, that would lead the 'leg break missed by useless medical staff' stories

clearly quite a few people seem to think themselves experts in medical matters despite the fact they have sod all medical knowledge or training

Uncle Mike said...

At the rate that dirty bastards from Land's End to John o' Groats are making vicious tackles on Arsenal, and usually getting away with it, Arsene Wenger's next signing better be a Doctor. And I don't mean the medical kind. I mean the one with the TARDIS, so we can go into Barcelona with...


With Storey coming on for Adams in the 75th, so he and Keown (I've been told they were the two baddest MF'ers in Arsenal history) can break a leg or two on the other side.

I'd have put Vieira in there, but, last I saw, he was not only still alive and active but under contract somewhere else. Which is why Henry and Pires aren't in there, either.

Anonymous said...

I was Anonymous 16.33 and I know more about fractures than you realise. The point I make is that you have no proof to back up your statement, you didn't see the X-Ray nor did you examine Cesc. Therefore your statement is spurious to say the least.

You are now consigned to the 'hide' function of newsnow so I don't have to be lured in by your sensational headline, something you accuse the media of!

1979gooner said...

Anonymous 1433

You are unfair in your assessment

Note the words 'probably' and 'likely'. You have not.

Also read what I wrote, then you can see how I reached my conclusion, not my conclusion is a probable thing, not a definite thing.

The X-Rays were normal, fine, I have said that this was the case and accepted this. You can still have a subtle fracture and it may be impossible to see on plain radiographs.

Arsene has acknowledged that Cesc was markedly sore and bruised over the exact spot before the Barca game, the exact spot that was then clearly fractured on the X-Ray.

Taking this into account I think it is far more likely that he had a subtle undisplaced crack before the Barca game that was not visible on X-Rays.

Remember X-Rays are only taken from two views, AP and Lateral, you can easily miss a small crack with X-Rays.

Oh no, what a shocker that you've hidden me from newsnow, I am gutted.

So if you bother to read the argument I have come up with then it's not sensationalist, it's open minded and fair, in my opinion it's more likely that the fibula was broken pre-Barca.

So I'm not shovelling shit, I would say you are by the lack of any decent argument to back up yor bold words.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think the point is that no-one but Wenger picked up on the "robust"tackle made last week by Gardner. Wenger was, once again, largely derided for mentioning the tackle in the post match press conference. This was looked on as sour grapes whereas, quite rightly, Wenger pointed out that it was a continuation of the "they don't like it up 'em" little british attrition teams bring to games against Arsenal. The "robust" approach opponents take to Arsenal has been an indirect cause of the bad injuries sustained these last few years and succesfully "reduced" Fabregas' involvement last Saturday and with the consequences we all saw on Wednesday. The best answer is to carry on playing the way they do and never shy away from giving someone a 6-0 stuffing when possible.